Obed Wild and Scenic River

Obed Wild and Scenic River
Obed Wild and Scenic River

Veterans Day is a great day to pay tribute to our country, and to America’s Best Idea – the National Park System.  This Veterans Day, Anthony and I both had off so we decided to spend it at a park site we hadn’t visited yet – Obed Wild and Scenic River in Tennessee.  Not too far from our house, this site boasts hiking trails and many opportunities to paddle the river.  We started our visit in the nearby town of Wartburg, at the visitors center.  As usual, there was a film to watch, which we always love, discussing the history of the area and the organizations that fought to preserve it.  We then took a hike from Lilly Bluff out to The Point, overlooking the river.  The views from the beginning of our hike, at Lilly Bluff, were actually the best we had.  High above the river, we peered down at sandstone cliffs and rapid cataracts.  Our hike was an out and back, taking us along leafy trails through flat forest.  The view from The Point again looked down on the river, actually the confluence of the Obed River and Clear Creek.  We paused to enjoy the view and eat a snack before heading back the way we came.  We drove through some of the park, but it is best seen from the water, which we were unfortunately not prepared to do, but we enjoyed our visit nonetheless.  Making it even better, was our stop at Woodlands Indian Restaurant on the way home.  They have a separate vegan menu, and we both enjoyed our dinners immensely.  

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