Lake Mead NRA and Las Vegas

Vegan Wynn Burger

Nightime found us in Las Vegas, where we were eager to check out dining options at the Wynn Hotel.  Steve Wynn is vegan and we had heard that every dining establishment at the hotel has vegan options.  We found this to be true and stuffed ourselves on Wynn burgers, fries, and milkshakes at one of the restaurants we found while walking around.  It was super tasty, and the waitress made sure to bring us vegan butter for our fresh hot pretzels once she heard we were ordering off of the vegan menu.

The next morning we continued the trend by stuffing more food into our bellies at Ronald’s Donuts.  Accidentally vegan, these donuts are amazing.  A small, old donut shop, Ronald’s looks the same as it did when it opened years ago, I’m sure.  Filled with regulars, their donuts are super fresh and most are vegan.  My favorite are the jelly filled, reminding me of eating donuts with my dad and grandfather when I was a kid, while Anthony favors the apple fritters.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area was really our last stop on our trip, since we had a flight back to North Carolina that evening.  Anthony worked at Lake Mead for four years, and I had been there before, but we went to some of the smaller locations on the west side.  We did not go to the Hoover Dam, since there was an incident on the new bridge and traffic was backed up for hours.  Our final stop on our vacation was one last meal, at Loving Hut.  Loving Hut is great, because even though many restaurants share the same name, they all have different menus.  It was a tasty end to a trip that involved a whole lot of stuffing our faces and eleven national park sites!


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