Weir Farm National Historic Site

Weir Farm NHS
While visiting my parents over the holidays, we finally made it to Connecticut’s only National Park Site. It was a unseasonably warm December afternoon as we made the drive to Wilton. Weir Farm is located in a beautifully rural area, 60 acres amidst rolling hills and fields. Julian Alden Weir bought the farm in 1882 as an inspiring artist’s retreat. Since then, three generations of artists have made Weir Farm their home. Weir Farm is the only National Park Site dedicated to American painting!
Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the park ranger and escorted in to watch the film detailing the lives of the multiple artists who have lived at Weir Farm. In fact, the farm still hosts an artist in residence program. The visitor center is actually in one of the restored farmhouses, so we really enjoyed inspecting the architecture.
Weir Farm NHS
We all chose to skip the art supplies that the rangers had set out on the porch, since none of us can claim to be especially artistic. Armed with a map, we took a walk down to the pond. The trail was easy enough that all four of us made the journey in less than half an hour. We could have walked all the way around the pond, but the evening chill drove us back to our car. Since the home the family lived in is under renovation, we were only able to peer through the windows. Weir Farm is a beautiful, quiet spot in rural Connecticut. We had a relaxing afternoon meandering through the various paths and trails around the outbuildings.


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